poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

Jewel in Hell's Kitchen

Jewel is a superheroine from Marvel Universe who got recently a TV show on Netflix. I've written about Daredevil made by Netflix which was a huuge succes, so I felt encouraged to watch "Jessica Jones" although I don't really like the main actress, but here she was OK. 
So Jessica is an orphin (wow, that's new...) and as a teenager she goes to a foster family - a mother  a slutty producer and her daughter a new rising star Patty who's used by her mother and made to vomit to look thinner. We don't really know how Jessica got her powers - she woke up in hospital after a car accident where her family died and suddenly she's extremely strong and quite fast, she can jump really high and long distance and she can run faster than an averahe human being (but not like Flash, or Quicksilver). She lives in Hell's Kitchen (probably next to Matt Murdock) and she works as a private detective. She meets Luke Cage - future Powerman and her husband - who's wife she was made to kill. So there is Killgrave, a real psycho murderer and a guy who can force you to do anything what he wants to, and you won't stop trying to do it until you succeed, so he's walking around looking for Jessica because he thinks he loves her. With a true, psycho, horrifing love.
Jessica never got her nickname Jewel in the show, but there's an easter egg about it;p
Netflix is making also another show about Luke and Ironfist, so we're gonna have all the defenders in one TV show! But we will have to wait a lot, because Deredevil will be released in april next year, Ironfist hasn't been cast yet, at least there are no official statements and I don't know when there will be the premiere of Luke.
But I can't wait for the Daredevil, because he's gonna fight with Punisher! (fangirling)


Recently I've watched a video on YouTube about censorship in movies and animated series for children. Especially japanese anime. And I was surprised when I found out what do they censor in the United States. So a girl showed a little bit her panties and they were white, she was wearing also a pink dress, so they painted pink her panties that children didn't see that someone is wearing an underwear. They also changed (suddenly) a skin colour of one of the characters, because he resembled a caricature of black people from XIX and XXcentury - so in one episode he was black and in the next one he was blue. For me there was nothing insulting in his first appearance because he looked like an alien and he was a magician (or sth like that).
They also changed a cover of a magazine for adult men read by an elder guy - let's be honest, there was only a blurred woman on it so there was no need to change anything.
I think that innocent eyes and ears won't notice anything "naughty" in the movies for children, let's look at the cartoons - in "Johnny Bravo" Johnny was watching TV and there was a scene inw hich the girl explains to her boyfriend why they can't be together 
-"You don't understand, I'm a bitch..."
-"Oh, don't say that..."
- "No, I really am a bitch" - and she takes off her human costume and reveals she's a... dog! So as we can see, there was no need to censor anything! The same thing with Johnny's flirting texts - on his birthday he was looking for a date, so he approaches to a girl and says: "Wanna blow my candle?" Innocent children won't understand the reference and it's a nod to parents that they weren't so bored while watching cartoons with their kids.
But I guess in Malaysia it's a humiliation to show your feet, so whenever the main character in "Sailor Moon" fell (and she used to fall in every episode, really like EVERY episode) they blured her feet (even when she was wearing shoes). So we shouldn't complain about our censorship.


wtorek, 8 grudnia 2015

Comics Wars!

Last Saturday I've been to Comics Wars in Poznań, and it was great. I've been to two lectures: one on the Civil War in Marvel and the other one on DC Comics - how to read them and in what order.
I really liked it, but I couldn't fully enjoy it, because I'm sick and I can barely speak, so no talk from me. I've also bought two comic books, about the Winter Soldier and about the Justice League (Marvel and DC, respectively).
I've found out about this event by accident, when I checked my email and the library of the university sent this message that it's here and now, so I went there and I definitely don't regret.
There will be "Dzień otwarty" in Multiversum the 19th of december (they will sell comics in special prizes), but unfortunately I can't go because I'm coming back home earlier and this day I'm going to cinema to watch Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, but maybe I couls send a letter to Santa Claus and he would give me some comic books for Christmas... (read: send an email with links to my parents with crying: I want this so much!).
OK, I'm going back to studying for the english test I'm having on Wednesday.

poniedziałek, 23 listopada 2015

About Star Wars but in a different way

I know, I know, there are too many posts, articles etc. about "Star Wars". But I'll try to make it different.
Listen to this:
and then you can start reading, cause you'll be in the right mood:)
First, I'm a huge fan of this saga. It's the best "fanfiction" ever made. And I don't want to upset anubody, but it's not a scret that "Star Wars" are inspired by "Lord of the rings" by JRR Tolkien. George Lucas was so fascinated by this trilogy that he wanted to make an adaptation of it but he was afraid he wouldn't succed, so he made first "Star Wars" (which now is called "New Hope" but originally there was no "episode IV: New Hope"), than when it turned out to be a smashing blockbuster, he decided to make more movies about Luke, Leia and Han. What is surprising, nobody who was shown the first episode by Lucas, wasn't fascinated, or didn't even like it, only Steven Spielberg said it was good, but I guess it was just because he and Lucas are BBFs.
Harrison Ford didn't like too much Han Solo, he wanted him to be killed in the fifth episode (that's why he's frozen) but eventually he agreed to appear in the 6th episode.
Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was the only one actor who knew about "Dad Vader" because originally the lines were: "You don't know the truth. Obi Wan Kenobi killed your father" instead of "I'm your father". The actor was delighted about it and he didn't say a word about it, and after first screening Harisson Ford turned to him like "You never told  me that" and Hamill had to explain why he couldn't say anything.
There are a few kisses between Leia and Luke (who are twins) but when they started to shoot the films, noone thought about it and it's in the sixth episode, when they come out with this idea.
They also chose Yoda as the one who says only the truth - that's why he's the one who admits, that Darth Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker (for the truthers).
And there was another ending scene, where when Darth dies, Luke wears his helmet and says: "now I am Vader", but the ending we all know is much better (at least for me).
Now there are many ideas, conspiracies, plots, theories about Luke's absence in the trailers and posters for the 7th part, but it's all on purpose, because Mark Hamill signed an NDA and J.J. Abrams has some special plans for him. But still I found one intersting article about it and I've chosen it as my reading assignment.
In general, Mark Hamill is a totally awesome guy, his Joker's interpretation was just flawless and he will be forever Joker's voice. He set up standards really high and now everybody seems to copy that or at least inspire too much. Well, let's hope Jared Leto will come up with something new and brilliant, although I think his Joker will be a total psychopath. (there's nothing wrong with that) But Hamill is a quite shy and genuine man, he didn't want to get this role, because he thought he wouldn't be good at it, and it's such a legendary villain for Batman, has so many fans all around the world, but he did it just perfectly. Here's the interview where he talks about it:

 Here are samples of his talent:

And here's his improvisation of a dialogue between Luke and Joker:

But in the Joker's words "Why so serious?"
Let's see the other site of "Star Wars":

I had no idea princess Leia had so many love interests!

And now they look like this:
They're in a pretty good shape, aren't they?

wtorek, 17 listopada 2015

Back in a flash!

So... "The Flash". The TV show considered by many people as the best one about superheroes. Well, let's just say I'm not totally agree with that. I can't feel any connection with the characters. I really like Barry Allen in the comic books and in the animation, but here, he's likeable, but, there's something about him that I don't get. Of course there are many other people I love, like the villains. Like the Trickster. Portrayed by Mark Hamill (I really love the guy, he's soo scary! I mean his Joker voice over was excellent! and he played and still plays Luke Skywalker!!!). Or Zoom. And I'm really excited for the crossover with Arrow. There are many sets off for The Legends of Tomorrow but I'm still fangirling about the Hawk couple.

wtorek, 10 listopada 2015

The only limits are in your mind

So the new show "Limitless". I've seen the movie a few years ago and it was good - I think it could be a lot better than it was, so I was a little bit disappointed, and I was affraid to watch the show. But I read some reviews (all positive) so I've started to watch it. And I'm not disappointed at all. The main character is a pure human in a good way. He-s just a regular, good guy. Then he gets that pill it's called NZT I suppose and suddenly he has access to every information in his brain. And in the way more real than it was showed in "Lucy". So Brian becomes pretty famous in FBI and starts to work for them as a consultant. He also has to save his a** sometimes because one of the senators (and the main character from the movie) has somme special plans including him and Brian is still not sure if he's safe. He becomes friends with one of the FBI agents - Rebecca (she's portrayed by the actress known for starring in "Dexter").
It's interesting how much infromation our brain can get and just save it somewhere deep inside of us and we can't get there and use them. This show presents the mysteries of our mind with a grain of salt and Brian's mean and sarcastic comments.

So I definitely recommend it!

wtorek, 27 października 2015

Daredevil - the devil from Hell's Kitchen

So I'm not going to talk about this huge failure and shame which is the first film called "Daredevil" where Ben Affleck proved he CAN'T act and he's a terrible superhero. I'm going to talk about a fantastic TV series (by Netflix) with Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. Well, this guy can kick some ass (sorry for my vocabulary but you can't use another word for his martial arts;)). So basically we start from the beginning where he becomes the Daredevil we know from the comic books. He's a blind lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. His best friend since studies is Foggy Nelson - when he finds out about night activities of his friend at the beginning he can't understand it and accept it but with time I think he just embraces that there has to be a man who will do what's necessary but not convinient for everyone. The action takes its place in New York and it's not a futuristic vision of Christopher Nolan, it's dark, dirty, miserable Hell's Kitchen, where you can be beaten and even killed because you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Together Matt and Foggy protect poor people defending them in the court (like Karen Page, a victim accused of a murderer), and some other people not some important for the plot. Of course like every hero, Murdock has to have a nemezis - and this time it's Kingpin - it might seem like he's just a regular guy, but in fact he's a very dangerous villain, who almost destroyed half of New York (btw what's withe the villains and destroying the cities? I mean, in "The Arrow" we have Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Ra's Al Ghul, now Damien Dahrk, in "Daredevil" we have Kingpin, in "Gotham" we have basically everyone except for James Gordon, in "The Flash" now we have Zoom, what's wrong with you people? If you destroy everything and kill everyone, there won't be anything to rule on - just a digression;)). Matt Murdock really rocks in this show, the script is great, the action scenes are smashing and I can't wait till next season next year.

he gets his superhero uniform in the last episode of the first season - well it's still better than Diggle in "the Arrow" (4 seasons;p))

Matt's first teacher - master of kung fu and other stuff;p